All of Your Data, Translated

Automated, up-to-date dashboards. Customized reports. Business analysis for your law firm.

Mining Your Data

From Clio to QuickBooks to Google Analytics, there is an overwhelming list of applications to provide information on strengths and opportunities for your law firm. We help you utilize technology to pull your data into one comprehensive report, so you can swiftly make informed business decisions regarding your law practice.

Generating Your Analysis

Ensuring all of your software stays connected so you have current information at your fingertips is only half the battle. By synthesizing the information in a digestible format we help you identify opportunities to streamline processes and implement positive changes.

Respecting Your Time

From filtering through Filevine updates to tracking trends on Twitter, you need to allocate your time to things like setting your law firm’s strategic direction, not tracking technology. Equipped with customized reports and recommendations, you can leave the data tracking and analysis to us and continue working at the top of your game.

How It Works


Software, Synthesized

Whether you have a suite of software applications you’re running to help manage your law firm or want our thoughts on the key programs you need to be successful, we can help. Here’s where we save you the time and headache of sorting through spreadsheets and navigating various software with siloed reporting. By connecting directly to each source and bringing together data from your legal practice management, accounting, and marketing tools, you’ll get all of your compiled data, presented in intuitive snapshots, all in one place.


Complete Customization

Maybe this quarter you’re focusing on firm finances. Maybe next quarter you’re shifting to staff productivity. Wherever your attention is, we’ve got the team to deliver the relevant data and metrics right to your dashboard. With one click you can be tracking your associates’ billable hours, viewing your monthly income/expenses, or monitoring your online presence. We’ll even customize your reporting hub with the layouts, colors, and visualizations that resonate with you, so you can easily digest the data.


Diversified Expertise

With your reporting capabilities maximized yet simplified, the fun (for us) can begin. With backgrounds in Finance, Analytics, and of course, Law, we speak your language and we speak data. By combining multiple sources of data into one cohesive structure, our diversified team is well appointed to provide you with accurate and timely analysis so you can make key business decisions.

Kirk and the KeyMetrix team were fantastic to work with. They are professionals who helped and guided us through our reporting/dashboard journey, providing us with the knowledge and insights that allowed us to adopt the platform.

Mauricio Feldman, CPA, CMA - VP Analytics at Victra

Your Data, All In One Place

Leveraging technology can be time-consuming. We eliminate the need for you to spend your time gathering and interpreting heaps of information from various software apps.

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